Essential Tips for Writing a Technical Article

Writing a Technical Article

Tips for Technical Writing

  • Get to the Point  - Your objective is to make the reader understand your topic quickly. The readers are not interested to spend hours reading the article.
  • Avoid wordy phrases. A fundamental of good writing style is to avoid unnecessary words.  Do not say All of a sudden. Just say, suddenly. Instead of a later date, say later. The shorter, simple words or expressions make your writing more concise and, consequently, make it look and sound more professional. 
  • Keep it Short and Simple - Write short sentences by eliminating punctuation without affecting the readability of the sentence. Use fewer commas, more periods, and no semicolons at all, if possible.
  • Improve the Presentation - Always provide a brief description of the subject followed by steps to achieve. Provide screenshots where possible.
  • Improve your Template - Use numbering if the steps are to be performed in a sequential manner otherwise use bullets. The title and headings should convey the subject matter. The headings, steps, and body text should follow a consistent format.
  • Use a Style Guide - Follow your company style guide. Otherwise, use Chicago Manual of Style or Microsoft Manual of Style.